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After having two not so good experiences with other daycare centers, we were referred to Country Kids by a close friends whom have children there. We are thrilled to see how happy our children are when they come home every day! Michelle and Michelle and all of the teachers love my children like they are their own. My children are well cared for on a daily basis and come home surprising us with something new that they've learned everyday! It will truly be a sad day for us when we no longer need the day care services provided us by County Kids and their devoted employees!
- Nicky and John LeBeau

My experience with Country Kids Daycare has been such a blessing. When my son, Kyle, was about a year and a half old, I wanted him introduced to new people, experiences, and stimulation. He is an only child, and I didn't know anyone with a child his age. So, my husband and I started looking for a daycare that would provide these things for my son. I found a nice, small daycare that seemed great. Until about two weeks into taking my son there, the daycare provider told me that my year and a half old son was a "bad napper", and she couldn't take care of a child like that and I would have to end services immediately. So we had to start our search again. I was hesitant, maybe thinking this was a bad idea. I had already signed up to take a college class, so I really did need a daycare. Our search lead us to Country Kids. I talked to Michelle and Michelle, and told them what I wanted for my son, and what my fears were, and how we were let go out of the last day care due to my son being a "bad napper". They told me that they had the staff to comfort and help my son transition into being at a daycare facility, and that they would be able to sit with him if he needed the extra attention at nap time. Well let me tell you, it was the best thing I could have done for my son. He blossomed while at daycare. He has learned so many things I could not have taught him. He learned to share and how to make friends, and how to trust another person, other than a family member. He learned to stand on his own two feet, with out Mommy always being right there with him. He learned independence and had grown so much as a child. The daycare has taught me about my son, and my son keeps growing into a bright young man. He is now three years old, and I love Country Kids more and more each day. They have taught him numbers, shapes, colors, letters and how to share, how to listen better, how to sit quietly, and most importantly, has become a great napper!

I have to say that I am truly thankful for each and every teacher at the daycare, they always take the time to talk to you, to tell you whats going on with your child and listen to any questions you may have. I am even more thankful to Michelle and Michelle for dealing with a nervous parent, and always knowing the right thing to say, and even more, being able to back it up with fact! I trust Country Kids with my whole heart, my one loving son, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
- Kathleen Ludwig

We chose to send our son to Country Kids based on the recommendation of multiple friends and co-works who had positive experiences with their children over the past 12 years plus with Country Kids Childcare. As a new mom, who works in the Criminal Justice field, safety, experience, and consistency of daycare providers was at the top of my list. Having been at Country Kids for over a year now, I am pleased to say that I have no worries about my child's safety in their very capable hands.

Well beyond the security that we found in Country Kids, we are beyond thrilled with the skills and manners they are helping our child develop. Every day he comes home with a report of the development skills that they worked on: taking off their own shoes and coats; pushing in chairs after lunch and craft times, picking up toys after playtime, sitting still (as still as a one year old can be) in circle time and the list goes on.

In addition to learning time, there is a lot of play and fun being had at Country Kids! We love having our home covered in adorable art projects that are sent home with him from school. The teachers are so creative and always make projects that involve the children's senses thus exposing them to new textures, smells, and tastes that keep day now and exciting. there is rarely a day that his clothes aren't covered with the remnants of that day's project. We always judge a "good day" by the amount of paint on our boy!

When we pull into the parking lot of Country Kids our son starts trembling with excitement just to be there, rushing me to get him inside so he can start playing with his friends. I never thought we would find a place that we were so comfortable leaving him with while at work each day. Knowing that he is having such a good time while he is there and that he is in safe, loving hands with the amazing staff at Country Kids makes being away from home each day tolerable.

We would recommend Country Kids Childcare, without hesitation, to anyone looking for a daycare with experienced staff who are able to nurture, and cultivate their children in a safe caring environment which is full of love, laughter and learning.
- Jenn and Matt Nemeth